The downside of using a POS system

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Everyone talks about how great a retail POS system is. After all, a point of sales software makes operation much more efficient. Unlike a conventional credit card reader, an integrated and the best credit card reader for iPhone-Android tends to be more environmentally friendly due to the lack of paper products. While no one can deny the benefits of using a mobile credit card reader, an iPad POS, and a well-integrated cloud-based inventory management system, you also can’t turn a blind eye to the dark side of a point of sale terminal software and mobile inventory management systems.

The main problems with POS systems

Before you invest in a wireless chip & card reader and point of sales software in Canada, make sure you know the full picture. Here are some problems with using POS systems.

The connection issue

While an iPad POS system looks and feels great, at the end of the day it is dependent on a constant flow of internet connection. In the case of an internet outage, you will be locked out of your system. While such outages occur rarely, you must still analyze whether you ever want to be in such a situation.

Expensive upgrades

POS software tends to be accompanied by costly upgrades. Now and then, new licenses and updates are released. If your business grows, the old software might not be suitable anymore, thereby requiring you to upgrade to a better one. In both cases, you will have to bear the brunt of additional expenditures.

Security risk

Since software-based systems have all the information stored in the cloud, sensitive data of your customers along with your business are always at risk of being hacked. Moreover, information about a customer’s PIN (those who pay via credit cards) is also at risk with such POS systems. Even though most software claim that they deliver security, know that there is no full-proof security available. The risk of cyber attacks and data loss will always be present.

Hardware problems

In case your system experiences a hardware problem, you are in for a long and frustrating journey. This is because such hardware problems can’t be fixed on your own. You would need help from the manufacturers. So, while the wireless credit card reader looks great, if it gets damaged, it will cause you a lot of inconveniences.


Does this mean you need to swear off of POS systems? No. Options like Shopify POS are actually great. All you need to know is to be aware of all the problems you may encounter so that you are not caught off guard.

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