Should Your Small Business Use a Point of Sales Software?

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A retail POS system is now considered to be a staple in the retail world. After all, a point of sale software allows you to streamline the process and reduce the chances of error. It isn’t uncommon for small businesses to look for the best credit card reader for iPhone – Android systems. But, the question arises, as a small business, should you truly invest in a POS software and an inventory management system?

Well, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with the decision.

The Pros


One of the best things about having a wireless chip & swipe card reader along with other new technologies associated with the current POS system is that the versatility they bring to the table.  While conventionally you have to rely on bulky computers at your point of sale terminal, an iPad POS system is much more flexible and convenient.


You might not realize it, but POS training can be both hassling and expensive. The good thing about selecting the best Point of Sales software in Canada is that most employees are already well versed on how to use mobile software. Hence, training them is easy, which increases efficiency.

Better for the environment

While a traditional system usually prints out receipts, a mobile POS system does it all electronically. The mobile credit card reader swipes your card and sends the receipt to your email by default. This makes it much better for the environment compared to a conventional credit card reader machine.

The Cons

Risk of cyber attacks

The biggest con of doing your inventory management using a cloud software is the threat of cyber attacks. All your sensitive information is at risk of being hacked and hence lost. Regardless of whether you are a small business or an enterprise, the chances are you wouldn’t want this happening.


Retail POS systems that are equipped with the latest technology are quite costly. For a small business which is already struggling with its short-term survival, this additional cost may not be worth it.


Whether you decide to include a retail POS system depends on whether you think the benefits associated with it outstrip the probable disadvantages. Only you can decide this. Weigh in the pros and cons. Make a decision. Implement a POS system like one offered by Shopify or stick with the conventional ways. It is your call.

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