The Ultimate List of Best Retail POS Vendors!

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A retail POS system has become an integral part of today’s stores. Since it accompanies integrated software and hardware services, you can assume how much sales effectiveness it can bring to your business. After all, business is all about sales.

You might want to look at the best retail POS systems in today’s market, and how each of them helps retailers in delivering the essential POS features.

Square POS

Are you looking for a free iPad POS software? If so, this point of sales system is unique in its own way. Regardless of business size, it offers a wide array of services including managing inventory, tracks buyer’s history and purchases, and email receipts. They also offer business specific plan to those who have larger operations. Square POS is best for its services, features and pricing. Whether it be intuitive software or affordable hardware, square POS delivers it all.

Lightspeed POS

Are you tired of managing the troublesome inventory of your store? Well, Lightspeed POS is here to combat the problem. It allows importing orders, categorizing items by size, style and color. Since, it is available both on desktop and iPad, you can expect a better retail experience. Rather than small business, Lightspeed POS is a good retail POS system for larger ones.

Shopify POS

We all know Shopify POS is best for ecommerce integrations. Plus, they also offers various credit card readers and payment modes that makes selling easier. The fact that you can use it to sell both online and in-person makes the best fit for your unique business demands. Also, when retailers work from Shopify’s unified interface, it saves them huge amount of time. Shopify POS also comes with mobile apps, discount codes, inventory management and advanced reporting. This feature of advanced reporting can benefit your business in many ways like intelligent business decision making, day-to-day sales tracking, and analyzing crucial business metrics. Moreover, they offer a safe and quick checkout process. Whether you want basic POS features or cutting-edge, Shopify POS offers it all.


There is a difference between choosing a retail POS system and a right POS system for your specific business needs. Look for those features which you want now and which can lead you to better retail future. For many merchants, inventory management is the biggest concern. So, make sure you choose the solution that can facilitate you with it.

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